NVRMOR is a project dedicated to empowering artists by leveraging the incredible power of blockchain technology.

We do this by tying the artist's digital file to a completely unique digital asset that can be sold, traded, collected, or given away.

The project is powered by the Ravencoin Network which is built on top of the very same code as Bitcoin (thus giving it it's security), and more feature rich than Ethereum (Ravencoin Network is built specifically for making digital assets).


The Ravencoin network is still cutting edge technology and in development. This means it's a great time to get involved as you don't have a lot of catching up to do. This means it's a frustrating time because many of the features are still on the (near) horizon.


Here's what we can help artists do right now:

  1. Create NonFungible Tokens: We can create provably unique assets that are tied to the creator's work. This enables the holder of the asset to own a digital work in a way that's never been seen in the history of humanity.
  2. Create Artist Trading Cards: Each artist can issue their own "trading cards" or "Artist Token" on the blockchain which has their image, bio, and contact info on it. . . forever. Artists can gift (or sell) their Artist Token to collectors of their work which can indelibly link the collector as a patron of the artist.
  3. Offer Tickets: If an artist has an opening (private or otherwise) they can issue unique "Digital Tickets" that collectors can redeem for entry to the event, for limited edition collectibles, or any other kind of good or service. The imagination is the limit.


The feature suite that is built into the Ravencoin network is incredibly powerful. This will enable our artists to:

  1. Message Collectors: Artists will be able to send messages directly to the holders of their artwork. And deliver artwork secretly and securely without worries of strangers happening upon the high resolution file.
  2. Open Votes: Collectors can receive a "Vote Token" and the Artist can poll collectors of their work about any subject or future choice.

The future is bright, and we're excited to see what kind of impact we can have on the incredible world of art & creativity by re-empowering artists to own their work in the digital age.

Curious how this all works?

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Proudly working with the Ravencoin Blockchain


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