the artwork of ~minder-folden

About The Artist

~minder-folden is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in integrative experiential design. ~minder-folden has traveled the world for 20+ years as a performer entertaining audiences on the strip in Las Vegas, on national TV, and international tours as a Mentalist. ~minder-folden received a degree in Fine Art in 2006, and was nearly thrown out of the traditional media program for using digital imagery in works. As an early technology adopter ~minder-folden loves the increasing awareness surrounding NFTs and crypto art.
~minder-folden is a well-known fan of the Urbit project. You can find ~minder-folden running one of the oldest groups on the network by requesting access here: ~minder-folden/antechamber
Proudly working with the Ravencoin Blockchain


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