Why will someone pay for a limited edition digital piece from the artist when they could just "right click save image as"?

Two answers:

First, crypto is redefining ownership. Sure, someone can save the image and they will have it, but they won't own it.

Crypto is re-empowering artists to sign, seal, and authenticate their work which now includes the cryptotoken; not just the image.

Crypto is creating a completely new type of artwork that's never existed before more than it is slapping DRM controls on jpg files.

Second answer part A: Even so we understand that it will take awhile for people to catch up to the wild wild west of crypto art, and they'll prefer to have exclusive ownership of the high rez art.

To that end we're eagerly awaiting a function of the Ravencoin network that our project is built on. It's called "Broadcasting" and it works a little like this:

Whoever buys your work will possess the NVRMOR art token. As the artist you will be able to send messages directly to whoever owns the token.

This way, the collector will own the token which is forever tied to a lower resolution image, but the artist will then send them the full resolution image.

Note: Once the collector has the full resolution image, they could throw it on Facebook for all you know. Technology doesn't control human behavior. Someone could buy the Mona Lisa and then burn it. The human element is always the weak link in technology, but is not an argument against progress.

Second answer part B: There's exciting work being done by folks like @MangoFarm who is creating a way to encrypt files uploaded to IPFS that are only viewable by someone with the appropriate token.

Usually anything on IPFS is open to the public, but Mango's work will enable artists and creators to control who sees what.

Pretty neat.

Is there some loophole for the artist to sell work they've already sold?

Imagine an artist makes a fine art print series out of a piece they did. They only printed 10 copies, label them 1/10, 2/10, etc, and that's it.

Later, they print 10 more, label them 1/10, 2/10, etc. then shuffle them together with the first run prints.

As a collector, how do you figure out which were the "original" prints and the duplicates? Good luck with that.

As we said in the "crypto is creating a new type of work" answer above, the human element is always the weak link of a technology. This is not technology's fault, nor is it a weakness of tech.

Since the dawn of time artists could always make duplicates, not tell anyone, and then sell it as if it's exclusive.

That's fraud.

Crypto prevents fraud.

All our work is under the NVRMOR token created on the Ravencoin network. If there's some other token on some other network, it's not ours.

Every artist that's brought on board gets their own 3-character token. All their work goes under that token.

What that means is you can see exactly when a work is tokenized, how many of them there are, and where they've traveled since creation.

Even if the artist re-tokenized the same image, it would be a completely new and easily identifiable token. No matter how much you "shuffled up" the tokens, you always know which is which.

That's how our project reduces fraud, and helps collectors be more confident that the work they're buying is not a copy, reproduction, or anything other than what it is.

Is there a limitation to what type of art can be attached

If it can be uploaded to the internet it can be tokenized. So, basically, no limit. We specialize in visual art, but 3D renders, virtual sculptures, etc could all be tokenized.

Is there some kind of way to visualize these tokens in VR?

We thought you'd never ask! We own an Ether-backed VR gallery where we'll be posting work soon.

Currently the founder, Jonathan, has his own gallery you can check out for ETH & RVN backed artwork.

Is the value of these tokens or the transaction process of purchasing these tokens be tied to the current cryptocurrency market?

Kind of.

Our project is built on the Ravencoin network. As the price of Ravencoin fluctuates, the cost of tokenizing work fluctuates too, but doesn't necessarily translate to an increase in someone wanting to buy one of our art tokens.


What do I do with my crypto prints?

Awesome! Your crypto prints are hot off the blockchain press! Now, we need to get them to you.

Here's a breakdown of the care and feeding of your brand new NVRMOR art tokens!

Your crypto prints live on the Ravencoin network as unique digital "tokens" so you need a wallet that is specifically designed to hold Ravencoin assets.

(If you were receiving bitcoin you'd need a bitcoin wallet. If you were receiving ethereum, you'd need an ether wallet. Same goes for Ravencoin stuff.)

As of the time of this writing the best wallet to use is the desktop one. You can get it here.

Once you have your wallet set up you can request payments by copy/pasting your ravencoin address that will look something like this: RK1XsB87PhCQv62XARZfoMqKVfpJqMs6xV

You can send that to me via email, text, Twitter, smoke signal, or whatever. Once I have that address I can then send the tokens to that address and they will be in your possession to do with as you please.

Note: Once they're yours they're YOURS. If you make a mistake, there's no going back. This forever-quality of blockchain is its blessing and its curse. Don't do anything until you know what you're doing.

How do I view my crypto prints?

As of the time of this writing the best way to view them is to use the MangoFarm Asset Viewer. Go there, type in "NVRMOR" and you'll see a list of all the assets that fall under our project.

Find your three letter artist identifier and you'll see all the artwork under your profile.

In the future we'll work on having our own browser and improved user experience.

How do I send my crypto prints to someone who buys it?

They will have to have a Ravencoin wallet to receive them.

Also, you will need to have some Ravencoin to power the transaction. Every action taken on the Ravencoin network is done by thousands of computers around the world every second.

To incentivize their participation, every transaction they process is rewarded with a tiny fraction of a Ravencoin. When we send you your first crypto art we'll also send you 1 Ravencoin which can fuel ~1,000 transactions.

Have a question we haven't answered yet?

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