What kind of art can you add with NVRMOR?

Basically if it's legal, we're cool with it.

Make work that's NSFW, kinky, alt, or otherwise non-mainstream? Awesome.

We believe that art & artists thrive in a world of freedom to express their vision.

What we're not about is depictions of illegal activities, childporn, or other shit like that.

Not only is it morally wrong, it will also get the attention of the Feds and not the kind of trouble we need.

So it's not going on our platform.

We reserve final rights to say no to anything we want to say no to.

Believe that something we won't tokenize should be? Build your own platform and do it yourself.

Otherwise, if you want to collaborate and want to push the edge of the overton window?

Let's do it!

We're currently in closed development. Want to get involved? Sign up and let us know!

Proudly working with the Ravencoin Blockchain


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