Q: What's our business model?
A: We have no clue. (Right now.)

So far this project is costing us money. It takes about $5 (USD) to create the artist tokens, and then $5 for every edition of art created.

So, right now, a profitable business model is nonexistent.

Why would you still want to join?

We think there's a ton of collectors out there.

This is bleeding edge technology and the people who are out here doing it first are the ones out here doing it the longest (and best) when mass adoption comes along.

Our belief is that we can help artists make money by helping them create crypto-backed work.

How will we (NVRMOR) make money?

As of right now we're considering a range of 10-20% per sale as though we're a crypto gallery helping artists integrate with the #crypto world.

There's no infrastructure in place to automate that process, so we're currently working on handshakes with our first guinea pigs artists.

Easier onboarding & transactions will go a long way to improving the user experience, and thus increasing the likelihood of collectors joining us in our space.

Just know that we're working on it!

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